15th October 1783 – François Pilâtre de Rozier: First man to fly in a balloon

25th July 1909 – Louis Bleriot: First aviator to cross the English Channel in a powered aircraft

28th June 1910 – Deutsche Luftschiffahrts, A.G.: First airline with fare-paying passengers

14th November 1910 – Ely Eugene: First pilot to perform a ship board launch

30th November 1913 – Dean Ivan Lamb and Phil Rader: First dogfight

15th June 1919 – John Alcock and Arthur Brown: First non-stop transatlantic flight

November 1919 – Aircraft Transport and Travel Ltd.: First Airline to receive an air mail contract awarded by the British post office

16th July 1921 – The first and only Oxford verses Cambridge University air race

Circa. 1922 – Aeromarine Airways: First airlines to transport an automobile

1st April 1924 – Imperial Airways: First British national airline

17th November 1931 – Pan American Airways (PAA) First airline to offer through passenger service to Argentina down the coast of South America

25th September 1932 – Panair Do Brazil, S.A.: First hijacking of an Airline

30th July 1943 – Arado AR 234: First purpose-built jet bomber

15-21st October 1944 – Shimpu Special Attack Corps: First aviation unit formed specifically for suicide operations

24th April 1946 – Winged Cargo Inc.: First commercial freight glider service

19th July 1961 – Trans World Airlines: First airline with regularly scheduled inflight motion pictures (spoken)

1st October 1962 – Trans World Airlines: First airline to operate across the Atlantic without a professional navigator

27th April 1973 – Trans International Airlines: First airline to operate a Douglas DC-10 all-cargo flight

5th June 1985 – China Airlines Ltd.: First airline to operate the advanced Boeing 767 and Airbus A300B4 widebodies simultaneously

30th November 1994 – Continental Airlines: First airlines equipped with predictive windshear detection system

Circa. 1997 – British Midlands Airways Ltd.: First airline to sell its tickets over the World Wide Web