This blog aims to share with you the firsts in the field of aviation. Ranging from the unnoticed to the famous, these posts will help you appreciate the leaps and bounds aviation has traveled since the Wright brothers.

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Here are some of my favorite sites.

Aviation Voice

Great source of aviation news from all around the world. Great mix of content as well from military to general aviation.

Welcome to the Aviation Voice – the source of latest aviation news for you. Our goal is to be here and now with all aviation news in one place. No matter if  you are a professional or enthusiast we spread the news for everyone.

Aviation Week & Space Technology

The largest aviation news website that has been around for almost as long as power flight existed. Established in 1916, this weekly publication ha chronicled some of the greatest events in aviation history. The website has a full database of past issues of the magazine which is a great research resource and never fails to amaze me.

Our staff of more than 50 editors and analysts around the world delivers an unsurpassed portfolio of information products and services for all sectors of the aerospace and defense industry.

From award-winning publications to online analytical services, the Aviation Week Network provides intelligence that informs and enables the global aviation, aerospace and defense industry and provides professionals with a strategic business advantage.

Aces Flying High

Superbly written articles by Deano who visits airshows and museums to produce some of the best, well-researched aviation related articles on the web.

A big part of my travel adventures has been visiting various aviation and space travel related museums and events around the world. This blog covers many of these aviation experiences with a little bit of history thrown in for good measure.

Gazing Skyward TV

Gazing Skyward TV is an organization run by John Chvatal with whom I have had private conversations with and consider as a friend. He is very passionate about using social media to educate and inspire people (like me) on aviation history. His quality collections on Google plus have more than 100,000 followers which is unbelievable. I have agreed to contribute content to his site in the coming months so why not pay a visit?

Gazing Skyward TVs mission is to inspire people of all ages to learn about the people, technology, and events that have shaped and will continue to shape the future of aviation.

The cover photograph is of the White Cliffs of Dover onlooking from the English Channel which was one of the battlegrounds in the battle of Britain. This mental image is from one of my favorite books Spitfire Summer. The subject matter in the book covers the British expeditionary force in France, the evacuation from Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain. It vividly describes the struggle of a few daring pilots against the onslaught of the Luftwaffe and the spirit of the British people.