Panair Do Brazil, S.A.: First hijacking of an Airline

Pan American Airways (PAA) acquired its short-lived rival New York, Rio and Buenos Aires Line (NYRBA) and its Brazilian subsidiary NYRBA Do Brazil on 15th September 1930. This new subsidiary of PAA was recognized by the Brazilian government after a name change to Panair Do Brazil. The fleet of Panair Do Brazil consisted of four Consolidated Commodores and four Sikorsky S-38 flying boats inherited from NYRBA.

NYRBA Panair
1930 Consolidated Commodore 16, C/N: 2, Ex NYRBA, delivered to Panair do Brasil Registration: PP-PAA | Source:

On 25th September 1932, Sao Paulo revolutionaries, possibly related to the Constitutionalist Revolution of 1932, hijacked a Sikorsky S-38 (registration P-BDAD) from the company hanger in Sao Paulo.  The 3 hijackers also took a man as hostage. Although they were unqualified to pilot the aircraft, they took off nonetheless and crashed the aircraft 15 miles from the city of Sao Paulo at Sao Joao de Meriri, killing all on board, in what was the first hijacking of an airline.


The Airline Encyclopedia 1909-2000


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